These photos are examples of some of the Bright Shiny Objects that occasionally pull me away from writing.


My journey into the realm of writing has been a rather circuitous voyage that began in high school, but was birthed in 1998. It was then that I met a most incredible 96-year-old woman named Ruth Marie Colville. I was almost 50 and in the midst of my forty year career in nursing. I ended up writing her biography, A Passion For Life: Ruth Marie Colville simply because it needed to be written. Along the way, Ruth Marie inspired me to explore my life choices and to understand that life is made up of multiple lives, each one leading to new adventures and new opportunities.

My relationship with Ruth Marie gave me the courage, fifteen years later, to entertain the idea of writing stories based on authentic love letters. Those stories eventually melded into a novel, My Darling Dorothy.

My life has taken me on many adventures in the time that has passed between these two books. I have traveled all over the United States and Europe and have observed first-hand the beautiful diversity that Ruth Marie so cherished. One of my greatest adventures was becoming my grandson’s nanny for five years. That brought me great joy and reconnected me with my passion regarding childhood literacy. For several years after my grandson started elementary school, I had the privilege of volunteering in the Denver Public Library program, Read Aloud. I also volunteered as a reading tutor in a local elementary school. Seeing a child’s eyes light up when they are read to or when they are able to read a story all by themselves is an amazing experience that I will forever treasure.

Tell Me Your Story is my current passion. My late husband, Bill, an historian, used to say, “Nothing that can be memorized is history.” He was so right. History is made up of individual stories. Through Tell Me Your Story, I have the honor of assisting people in writing and publishing their story, whether that be in the form of a memoir, a biography or a simple audio or video recording.

Everyone has a story and in telling that story, we better connect with the world around us. We begin to see our lives as part of the great tapestry that makes up humanity as a whole, and we recognize how much alike we all are at a very fundamental level.